reglement (english version) - w.i.p.

For this race we are going to use the rulebook linked here as a basis. All mentioned paragraphs can be found there.

vehicles and limitations (§ 11)

LMP1 - 5 per manufacturer

lmp2 - cup class

lmgte - 4 per manufacturer

balance of performance

A list with the mandatory upgrades can be found here:   click here


The following stickers are mandatory:


Numberplate - (all categories) on both sides between the front and rear wheelhouse under the window line, aswell as on the top in the area in front of the windscreen.


Category recognition - (all categories) on both sides next to the numberplates, aswell as (LMP1/LMP2) on the top on one of the front fenders / (GTE) on the rear section of the car.


Both can be downloaded from BM34 fungamez. Gridnumbers have to be inserted in script 7 eith the same proportions as in the original.

Spotter guide photos

We would like to ask every team to send in a photo of their car showing the side via Xbox LIVE private message to "BM34 fungamez". There are no criteria on how the picture should be taken but we would prefer a single coloured background. Also there should be no reflections showing and the livery should be clearly visible.


The photos will be implemented into the enrty list.

Drivers & Teams (§ 10)

  • Teams have to consist of a minimum of 3 drivers and a maximum of 6 drivers
  • Teams can compete with one car only
  • Drivers are allowed to compete for one team only in each category
  • If a driver drops out the team is to tell the lobby host of the corresponding session that the driver will be missing and who will replace him

Sessions (§ 4.4.4., § 5.1, § 5.2, § 6, § 7, § 8.1, § 9)

free practice (§ 1, § 4.4.2)

  • Free practice sessions are not mandatory
  • Free practice sessions are open lobbies so just join and leae on your own
  • A registration for Free practise sessions is neither available nor is it mandated

Qualifying (§ 2, § 4.4.1)

  • ONLY Q2 is mandatory
  • The average of the best laptimes from every session of each team is taken as their end result
  • Participation for a qualifying session has to be entered via the form linked here (registration opens 0n August 11)

warm-up (§ 3, § 4.4.2)

  • Participation is not mandatory
  • Only drivers who drive the first stint may participate in this session

Race (§ 4.2.2, § 4.2.3, § 4.2.5, § 4.2.9, § 4.3, §4.4.2, § 4.5.1, §4.6, §4.7)

  • If multiple drivers should achieve the same distance, the driver in front will receive 100 metres more than the driver behind
  • In case of a disconnect the team will receive their average achieved distance at the time of the disconnect minus 15 kilometres (9.3 miles) for the corresponding stint.
  • Driver division has to be entered before the warm-up  via the form linked here (registration opens on August 11)


At the start of the first stint all drivers are to remain standing until the safety-car starts the formation lap with a remaining time of 1h 51min 50 sec. This is due to the fact that the formation lap is not going to be part of the race distance so the first stint will still see 105 minutes of racing.

The first stint is startet after qualifying results.


Start instructions:

Every category makes a start group.

The Polesetter of each start group is to keep a minimum distance of 100 metres (330 feet) throughout the Formation Lap and at least 30 metres (100 feet) after passing the grid point. peed limit in grid formation is set to 60 kmh (37 mph) and NOT 80 kmh (50 mph). The race starts once the Polesetter of YOUR OWN Start Group crosses the start-finish line.


In stints 2 - 12 paragraphs § 4.2.3 and § 4.2.5 are no longer in use and the formation lap is shortened drastically. Drivers will start as one start group after the finish order of the last stint.


Start instructions:

All drivers are starting as one start group.

All drivers are to obey to no passing and a speed limit of 130 kph (80 mph) until Dunlop bridge.

Once a driver has passed Dunlop bridge the race has started for him.

Dunlop Bridge is located directly after Dunlop Skicane.

incidents on track

  • If you detect an incident on track or are involved into one where and there was a offense against the rules you have the option to send in a complaint to race control.
  • Race control investigates exclusively after a complaint has been send in.
  • Complaints have to be backed up with video material.
  • Race control only is allowed to decide wether there is going to be a penalty and what penalty.
  • Comlplaints can be send in until 1 hour after the race has finished.
  • Penalties can be given until 24 hours after the race has finished.

A complaint can be send to the following persons via XBox LIVE private message:



Note by the promoter:

We would like to ask you to try to work out the situation together with all people involved, in a constructive and objective way, before you send in an complaint. Afterwards you can still send in a complaint.