1. Joining during the season
2. Cars
 2.1  Balance of Performance
 2.2  Liveries
3. Multi-Grid
4. Drivers & Teams
5. Procedure/Order of Events
 5.1  Schedule
 5.2  De-register Duty / Replacement
 5.3  Driving Assists
 5.4  Live-Weather
 5.5  Free Practice
 5.6  Qualifying
 5.7  Warm-Up
 5.8  Formation lap
 5.9  Grid-formation
 5.10  Race start
 5.11  Race
 5.12  Race end
6. Rating
7. Rulebook

1. joining during the season

It is possible for a driver to join during the season if there are less than 66 drivers registered. It works as followed:

  • in the first race weekend you will participate just like a normal driver. That means that all rules and duties apply to you.
  • only exclusion is that even though you will participate in qualifying, you will be rated last of all.
  • your behaviour during the weekend will deicide if you are allowed to continue as standard driver or not.
  • you have to choose from the remaining cars and gridnumbers.
  • if you will be allowed to continue as a standard driver you will be rated as one for the test-weekend.
  • if you are not allowed to participate furthermore, your result will not affect the results of the others.

If you want to join during the season please send a message via Xbox LIVE to "BM34 fungamez" until Wednesday 4.00 pm CEST before the upcoming race weekend.

2. cars

2.1 Balance of performance

In order to give everybody the same chance to win the championship there will be a so called "Balance of Performance" (short: B.o.P.). It will guarantee with a list of mandatory upgrades that every car of each class will perform on the same level. Attention: Depending on the track one car might be a little faster than the others but over the whole season the small advantages and disadvantages of the cars should level each other out. We keep the right to make changes to the B.o.P. during the season.


A list with the mandatory upgrades can be found here.

2.2 liveries

There will be a list of mandatory stickers that you have to put on your car in the correct spots. We will not dictate how you have to design your car but would like to ask you to stay away from edgy motives. If we notice something that goes to far in our eyes we will tell you to remove the corresponding motive. If you do not follow this order you can be removed from the championship.


Every mandatory sticker will be available for download from BM34 fungamez.

The following stickers are mandatory:


Numberplate: LMP2 in blue ; GTLM in green

classplate: LMP2 with "P2" in blue ; GTLM with "GT" in green

ratingplate: LMP2 Pro with "Pro" in blue, LMP2 Am with "Am" in blue ; GTLM Pro with "Pro" in green, GTLM Am with "Am" in green


The stickers have to be installed in the following places:


...side - numberplate, classplate, ratingplate on the area between both wheel wells - numberplate in the area in front of the driver cockpit

...P2-classplate, P2ratingplate - on top in the area in front of the driver cockpit

...GT-classplate, GT-ratingplate - rear on the rear bumper


ATTENTION: If you want to change the size of one of the plates, make sure you change the size of any other plate in the area (side, top or rear) in the same scale.


Grid numbers have to be fixed within the numberplates as followed:

colour white

script type 7



The pictures show an examplary fitting of the mandatory plates. Alternative fittings are allowed of course, as long as they are in the mandated areas.

3. multi-grid

To give more than only 22 drivers the opportunity to participate, there are going to be up to three grids depending on the number of participants. Some drivers might already do know this format, others do not. However we came up with our own multi-grid-format:


The division who will start in which grid is decided new for every race by the results of qualifying. At the same time the overall number of participants for the race decides how many drivers are going to be in one grid.

This means with...

...66-45 overall starters - 3 grids with 11/12 to 22 drivers each

...44-23 overall starters - 2 grids with 11/12 to 22 drivers each

...<22 overall starters - 1 grid with up to 22 drivers.

4. drivers & teams

  • You can participate as privateer or team entry.
  • Team antries can participaste in one class only
  • Privateers will not be mentioned in the team championships.
  • Teams can consist of two or three drivers.
  • In case of three drivers only the points of the better two will be taken into account for the team championship.
  • Every driver has to represent a race racingteam, teamname is up to you.
  • The drivers of one team do not have to drive the same car.
  • If you want to participate as a team with more than three drivers you can split your team into multiple teams: e.g. Team Motorsport Alpha and Team Motorsport Beta.

5. procedure/order of events

5.1 Schedule

Every session is goint to be started on time. There will be a maximum delay of three minutes for drivers, who have a problem short before the session starts.


Qualifying 1, Saturday:

  • 7.00 pm - Lobby
  • 7.05 pm - Free practice (50 min.)
  • 8.00 pm - Qualifying (30 min.)
Qualifying 2, Sunday:
  • 11.00 am - Lobby
  • 11.05 am - Free Practice (50 min.)
  • 12.00 am - Qualifying (30 min.)


  • 6.30 pm - lobby
  • 6.35 pm - Warm-Up (50 min.)
  • 7.30 pm - Race (90 min.)

All times are CEST.

5.2 de-register duty/replacement

The de-register duty realizes better organisation. If you are not able to participate in a mandatory session you have to inform us via form until two hours before the session is about to start. If you do not participate in qualifying without de-registering but still want to participate in the race you have to state this until 2.00 pm CEST to BM34 fungamez on raceday. If you do not de-register in two different events you will be replaced for the rest of the season by a driver of the replacement list who will get 25% of your points. If you are not able to participate in a race session your place will be given to a driver of the replacement list for the duration of the session.


-> to the de-register form

5.3 Driving Assists

The following driving assists are allowed:

  • TCS:   TCS on/off
  • easiest braking:   ABS on/off
  • STM:   STM on/off
  • easiest steering:   normal/simulation
  • Friction assist:   off
  • collision assist:   off

the other assist settings are not regulated.

5.4 Live-weather

For the "(W)" marked races in the calendar we are going to use the weather forecast of the real racetrack as a template for the weather for the FLMS sessions. This means that e.g. the weather forecast for Alton, Virginia, USA on the 8th of Novembre from 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm german time (CET) will determine the weather for the FLMS-race. So if it is raining on the real racetrack it will rain at the race of the FLMS.

Since we cannot influence the weather once the session has startet we will take the forecast 2 hours before the session starts as a template that is not going to be changed any more.

The weather forecast will be posted in the race-infos which are published on friday at 8.00 pm CET on the race weekend.

This will have no influence on daytime which means that all sessions will still be at daytime.

If there should be no rain for the race, we will use the "day"-mode in Forza, not the "wet/rain/weather"-mode

We are going to use the forecast of that automatically shows up in the search results if you google "Weather Nürburgring".


Live-weather will only be used for warm-up and race sessions.

5.5 Free practice

  • Free pracitce gives you the opportunity to test the track under race conditions.
  • Setup changes are allowed during the session.
  • Participation is not mandatory.
  • You have to enter the lobby by yourself.
  • Length of session:   50 minutes.
  • Free practice and qualifying will take place in the same lobby.
  • Free practice takes place right before qualifying.

Lobby settings:

Mode - meeting

Rating type - best lap

Collision - always on

Damage - fuel & tyres

5.6 qualifying

  • Qualifying will decide the grid order and the distribution of the drivers for the race
  • There are going to be two lobbies per day to give everybody enough opportunities for qualification.
  • Every driver can only participate in one qualifying session.
  • You are able to register for a certain session which will guarantee you a spot in the session. This also means that in case you did not register for the session you joined you can be kicked because a registered driver wants to join.
  • Registered drivers have to be shown as online 30 minutes before the session starts. Otherwise their spot will be free for others!
  • The race length will be set to 35 minutes. However you will only be able to qualify in the first 30 minutes. As soon as the timer with the time left gets to the 5 minute mark you are allowed to finish the lap you are on but you cannot finish another lap. All drivers have to stop in T1 once they finished their last lap and wait until the session ends.
  • During qualifying standard Forza tracklimits will be used.
  • Participation in qualifying is mandatory.
  • Registered drivers will be invited from 30 minutes before the session starts, not regitered drivers have to join by themselves.
  • Length of session:   30 minutes + timekeeping.
  • Qualifyings will take place on saturday night and sunday morning before the race.

Lobby settings:

Mode - time race

Rating type - best lap

Collision - always off

Damage - simulation

5.7 warm-up

  • Warm-Up gives you the opportunity to warm yourself up with the track.
  • Setup changes during the session are allowed.
  • Participation is not mandatory.
  • We would like to ask you to join the correct session by yourself.
  • Length of session:   50 minutes.
  • Warm-Up and race will take place in the same lobby.
  • Warm-Up takes place right before the race.

Lobby Settings:

Mode - meeting

Rating type - best lap

Collision - always on

Damage - fuel & tyres

5.8 fromation lap

  • Formation lap gives you the opportunity to get some heat into your tires and take a look at track conitions.
  • During the formation lap all drivers are to keep a distance between 30 and 100 metres (100 and 330 feet) in between two vehicles.
  • Overtaking and unneccessary braking are prohibited.
  • If you stop, spin, want to enter the pits at the end of the formation lap or leave the track with all four tires you have to sort in at the back of the field.
  • The polesetter has to obey to a speed limit of 130 kph (80 mph) during the formation lap.
  • Formation lap is part of the race session and of the race.

5.9 grid-formation

  • Grid formation will be formed at the end of the formation lap and is the set-off-point for the race.
  • As soon as the polesetter reaches the gridpoint announced in the race info he will reduce the speed to around 80 km/h (50 mph).
  • Uneven gridpositions (1, 3, 5, etc.) have to sort into the side that will have the inside line for T1. Even gridpositions (2, 4, 6, etc.) have to sort into the opposite side.
  • Once they sorted into their side of the track P1 and P2 of both startgroups are to obey to a speed limit of 80 km/h (50 mph).
  • The distance between two cars in the same lane has to be minimum 1, maximum 2 car lenghts.
  • Moving out of your carchain before the race starts is prohibited.
  • Grid formation has to be formed until pit entry.
  • Deceleration under grid formation is prohibited.
  • Grid formation is part of the race session and of the race.

5.10 race start

  • We are going with a rolling start
  • Grid formation has to be maintained until the race is on the way.
  • The race is started as soon as the polesetter crosses the start-finish-measurepoint.
  • Race start is part of the racesession and of the race.

5.11 Race

  • During the race your goal is to reach the best position possible after 90 minutes while obeying to the regulations.
  • Base-rule for tracklimits is: "Adjusted Forza Tracklimits" - There always have to be 2 tires within the standard Forza tracklimits except on corner entry, apex and exit the inside tires have to ramain on the kerb.
  • All racing actions obviously have to take place within the tracklimits.
  • Unfair behaviour, such like e.g. cutting or extending the track, intentional contact with others or intentional blocking of lapping drivers is prohibited.
  • While being lapped by a car of the own class the driver that is about to be lapped has to give the lapping driver the racing line and give him the opportunity to pass without time loss.
  • While being lapped by a car of the other class the driver that is about to be lapped has to remain in the line he is currently in. Once the lapping car is next to him he has to stay on his side of the track until the lapping car has passed him.
  • In fights for position base rule is: Live and let live.
  • If there is a collision during a fight for position the one who caused the collision has to let the ones with disadvantage pass until the end of the lap or the incident will be investigated.
  • During the race both classes have make do a certain amount of mandatory pitstops.
  • Mandatory pitstops cannot be made in the first or last ten minutes of the session.
  • Participation is mandatory.
  • We would like to ask you to join the correct session by yourself. Otherwise you will be invited 15 minutes before the race starts.
  • Length of session:   90 minutes + race end.
  • Race session takes place on sunday.

Lobby settings:

Mode - Race

Rating type - laps

Collision - always on

Damage - simulation

5.12 race end

  • The race length will be 90 minutes but we will have the settings set to laps which means: After the race timer passes the 1h 30 minute mark your race is finished as soon as you cross the start-finish line.
  • After you passed the start-finish measure point you are not allowed to pass any other car and you have to stop at the end of the car chain after T1 in a safe way so we can note everyones position correctly. Therefore it does not matter at all which class, lap or position you are in at this moment.
  • You have to remain standing until told otherwise by an official.
  • Race end is part of the race session.

6. rating

Rating within multi-grid-format:


Rating for a race is done as following:

First place from grid 1 is the overall winner. The following positions are rated by the endpositions from grid 1.

First place from grid 2 is given the points for the first place behind the driver that finished last in grid 1 and so on.


For the team championship the points scored by both drivers of a team will be added together.


In case of a diconnect or DNF for another reason the driver will be rated behind the last finishing driver from the last grid. If more than one driver retires from the race session the rating order is decided by their qualifying result. Drivers who do not participate in the race session at all are rated as DNS and will not be given any points.


String result:


At the end of the season the worst result of every driver will be subtracted from driver- and team-score to give everybody the chance to miss out on one race without losing possible points.


The point-system is identical for every rating:

Position Points
1. 62
2. 57
3. 53
4. 50
5. 47
6. 45
7. 43
8. 41
9. 39
10. 37
11. 35
12. 33
13. 31
14. 29
15. 27
16. 25
17. 23
18. 21
19. 19
20. 17
21. 16
22. 15
23. 14
24. 13
25. 12
26. 11
27. 10
28. 9
29. 8
30. 7
31. 6
32. 5
33. 4
34. 3
35. 2
36. 1

7. rulebook

The respecting of rules will be done by a race commission who will analyze at least the first 20 minutes of each grid after the race as well as all video material send to them. Incidents caught on a livestream can also be analyzed. The analyzation will take place until the next saturday after race day. For this time period protests against a certain driver can be send to one of the race commissioners. Incidents which were not caught on video can not be analyzed. If a race commissioner is involved in an incident he has not right of speach within th analyzation of this certain incident.


The race commission consists of the following people:

BM26 EastSite, M2daStreetz, BM09 Pace, PMC F4n4tiC, Arctic Squ1rrel


Since we cannot give time penalties because of the race format, there is going to be a system of penaltiy-points. At every 5 reached penalty-points on point of your championship score (driver & team) will be subtracted.

Incident Action
 Ignoring of formation lap procedure  Warning to 25 penalty points
 Ignoring of grid-formation procedure  Warning to disqualification
 Ignoring the race-start procedure  Warning to disqualification
 Ignoring of procedure at race end  Warning to disqualification
 unfair/unacceptable behaviour on and/or off track  Warning to disqualification
 Driving with wrong installed mandatory stickers

 Warning to 1 penalty point

 Blocking of a lapping car of the other class  Warning to 5 penalty points
 Exceeding tracklimits  Warning to 5 penalty points per incident
 Blocking of a lappng car of the own class  3 to 5 penalty points
 Driving without mandatory sticker(s)  5 penalty points
 Crossing the pit-exit-line  5 penalty points
 Causing a collision  5 penalty points to disqualification
 Not completing all mandatory pitstops  25 penalty points per left out pitstop
 Dirty best laptime in qualifying  5 position grid penalty
 Wrong car/wrong upgrades  disqualification from session
 Ignoring the unregister duty in two or more events  disqualification from championship